Photos Six And Seven

The show will still be up for another couple weeks, in case you haven't had an opportunity to view everyone's work. I'm sharing some more photos here today.

I will be hanging a small selection of earlier work in a local cafe on Friday night. This will be a new experience for me. I'll give more detail in a few days!

The Show Is Live!

The group show from my master class opened yesterday. I hope you will be able to look at everyone's beautiful work during the next month.

To keep the excitement going, I thought I would post one of my photos from the show here every other day.




Ten Self-Portraits

I recently took a ten day self-portraiture class.  We had a prompt for each day, which I have noted below the photographs. Since we posted our photos within a private class page, I wanted to see my images together, as well as have a record of what camera I used and how I edited them.

1. Identity; DSLR, distressed_fx; 2. Relationships; DSLR, distressed_fx; 3. Alternative Space; DSLR, distressed_fx; 4. Metaphor, Symbolism, Object; iPhone, distressed_fx; 5. Body Image; iPhone, slowshutter; 6. Surrogate; iPhone, Hipstamatic; 7. Conversations; DSLR, distressed_fx; 8. Mourning & Loss; DSLR, VSCO; 9. Secrets; DSLR, PicTapGo; 10. Ending & Beginning; DSLR, PicTapGo

Naphopomo: Days Twenty Eight To Thirty

It was a gorgeous holiday weekend...

Now, let's make that transition.  Here goes...See you on the other side.

Naphopomo: Days Twenty Five To Twenty Seven

Thanksgiving was full of cooking, friends, good weather, and fatigue. Now it's time to enjoy the long weekend, eat leftovers, and rest.

For some reason, I felt like shooting in black and white.  A needed change of pace, I suppose.  Enjoy the weekend!


Naphopomo: Days Twelve to Twenty Four

I disappeared into the work of a course for a couple weeks.  I don't always know how time consuming the assignments are going to be for me. 

I'm not going to compensate by bringing you a photo for every day I was gone, but if you'd like to see my work from the course, you will find it on IG.  Instead, I thought I would show you some outtakes and other random images. 

Naphopomo: Day Six

I am itching to be caught up here and to be sharing what is current.  I am happy to say we are almost there (here)!

In September I took another ten day course.  It was an empowering and transformative experience.



I'll see you tomorrow. Happy weekend!

Naphopomo: Day Five

August was a big month photography-wise.  I participated in two month-long challenges. The images I chose to share with you today are both from our trip to St. Augustine, Florida.  

August Break 2015: In The Distance

August Break 2015: In The Distance

The Summer Miracle: Almost

The Summer Miracle: Almost

I'll see you tomorrow!