A Fresh Start

This is A.'s big school bag that has accompanied him to 3 years of preschool. After a month of sitting idly in the kitchen collecting fallen bits of flour and rubber bands, it's now all cleared out and ready to go with him to his new school, a school for the blind. We are so excited for our guy and have big hopes for him.

Meanwhile, O. is well into the routine of 3rd grade.

A big change this year for the girls is that they can either bring or buy their snack. No more trays of fruit, veggies, cheese, and bagels being brought to the classroom.

So, after a couple days of her buying goldfish crackers, I decided a little comfort and nourishment from home was needed. A muffin-baking excuse was created.

I've been baking a little more Italian recently, biscotti and semolina bread. Usually, I make half my batch of biscotti without nuts, which O. prefers, but this dough was so sticky, mixing it on a board, that I ended up throwing the nuts at it while dough stuck to my fingers. I had no idea how I could possibly divide the dough in half. So, after she tried one biscotti, eating a hazelnut by accident, and feeling like she would "throw up" as a result, I've been feeling guilty. These are blackberry muffins, with what might be the season's last blackberries from the Chestnut Hill Grower's Market.

I adapted a recipe from one of the most versatile cookbooks, Simply in Season. In the background are two loaves of European Peasant Bread I made from a book I use nearly daily, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.