Something Gained and Something Lost

I've been so busy baking bread and trying to write about it the past month or so, that I haven't yet told you about these two items.

A. got these glasses back in January thanks to the low vision clinic at school. He couldn't look any cuter with them on, and lo and behold they perfectly match a sweater I knit for him last Winter.

Looks aside, he is so pleased with them.

I will never forget the expression on his face when the test pair was put on him, and he opened his eyes. He gave this huge smile and started to crack up. Everyone in the room laughed, too. He looked a little like Arthur, minus the aardvark ears. (As an aside here, we just had a little fun, looking up what type of animal Arthur is. Apparently, he is an anthropomorphic aardvark. Just in case you were wondering).

When his own pair arrived and was put on him, he gave the same reaction. There certainly couldn't have been any clearer indication that they made a difference.

These were two very exciting days.

A.'s teacher says that when she puts his glasses on him in the morning, he keeps his eyes closed, then opens his big, beautiful green eyes as if to say, "Hello, World!"

To add to the hoopla, A. lost a top, front tooth soon after the excitement of the glasses. That tooth made a trip to school the next day to be shown off during Morning News, accompanied by the story of the tooth fairy's visit and her gift.

At our house, we leave a note for the tooth fairy. Sometimes even a tiny, tiny snack of a bit of bread (homemade, of course) and a few drops of water.

He or she leaves a note in return, and usually a gift of two dollars. The note tells her story of arriving at the tucked-under-the-pillow tooth, braving inclement weather and trying not to wake the dog. She tells us how she liked the snack.

A few of the fairies have visited more than once, so their visit is like that of an old friend. O. and A. have been graced by the likes of Penelope, Winifred, Boris and Bernard.

May we all greet each day with such freshness. May all our losses be nothing more than making room to await something new.

May all the tooth fairies have good bread to eat.

Have a great week everyone!