Guest Cook: Miss O.'s Special Chocolate Chip Cookies

My daughter, O., is my guest here on Hearth Arts today.

Clarice: Hello, Miss O. Thank you for joining us.

O.: You're Welcome.

Clarice: Will you tell our readers how old you are?

O.: I'm nine.

Clarice: Can you tell us about what you made?

O.: Well, I decided to mess around with some ingredients, and they turned out as cookies. I'll tell you how that happened. I put in some sugar, flour, chocolate chips, butter, milk, water. I'm not sure how much I put in, but I mixed all the ingredients together. I put them on a baking sheet, and I baked them, and they came out very yummy. They were also very hard to chew. In the middle they were chewy, and on the edge they were crunchy. But my family really liked them.

Clarice: Is this your own recipe?

O.: Yes.

Clarice: Have you ever made up your own recipes before?

O.: No.

Clarice: Were you pleased with your cookies?

O.: Yes.

Clarice: Would you do anything differently next time?

O.: Yes. I would make the dough thicker, and I would add less sugar.

Clarice: Do you know how you would make the dough thicker?

O.: I would add more flour.

Clarice: Well, thank you for joining us today. Will you join us again sometime?

O.: Yes. Goodbye then.