Yes, I am writing to you about my compost pile.

You see, I am just so incredibly proud of it. Last weekend I planted part of my salad garden, the early vegetables, and I used my first-ever compost in the bed.

After turning the pile a few times since the weather turned warm, I could see that I had soil in the front and on the bottom of the pile. So, I brought the wheelbarrow down, shoveled in what I could, and pushed it back up the hill to my garden bed by the house.

There are a few visible egg shells and peach pits, but otherwise, it looks like dirt. I was so excited, and I called Husband and O. to come look! I don't even have a bin or compost turner, just a pile tucked away from sight.

My arugula and radishes are sprouting, as you can see.

I think I need to run out now and peer lovingly at my compost-turned-soil. Just to make sure I wasn't dreaming.