No pets Allowed

The owner was firm. No dogs allowed.

We found this house last year when we were in between dogs. It's a perfect vacation rental for us, so we were prepared to make other arrangements for Harry.

On a whim, Husband decided to forward this photo to the realtor, who unbeknownst to us forwarded it to the home owner.

She changed her mind after seeing the photo. Harry was vacation bound!

He's been a good boy so far and is having the time of his life making new friends at the local dog run.

It feels just right to have our little family together.

p.s. The good boy part. Well, in between this draft and posting, Harry threw up on the carpeting...Many applications of carpet cleaner later, and a visit to Swain's, the local hardware store to speak to a specifically recommended staff member there, we tried this.

I think we'll still be allowed to come back next year. Phew!