HBinFive September 1st Bread Braid

One Hundred Percent Whole Wheat Bread, Plain and Simple. This was the dough made for this HBinFive assignment to use in several ways.

We loved the Zucchini Flatbread. We ate this as a main dish with a side salad of garden tomatoes and cucumbers. Like the pizzas from earlier assignments, this one I would add to the repertoire.

This dough, as a loaf of bread, was not the most flavorful, but it had good texture, as compared to the One Hundred Percent Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread in HBinFive, which had great flavor, but was really dense and heavy.

Straying off the path a bit, I couldn't resist trying out this loaf, but used honey instead of molasses.

Blognews: I am starting an online blogging course that officially starts next week. I have no idea if it will bring about any changes here, but I am hopeful to learn a lot.