Bring the Garden in Friday with Pumpkin Cupcakes

These cupcakes are a nod to the one, very green pumpkin growing in my garden. If it ever turns orange, I'll probably put in on our porch so we can ogle proudly.

In honor of our green pumpkin, I bring your attention to these not-too-sweet, nicely spiced cupcakes. The cake is light, which complements the cream-cheese icing. I omitted the black pepper because I hoped O. would like these, but I imagine it would just add a little more spice.

Originally, this recipe was intended as a layer cake, so you could give that a try if cupcakes aren't right for you. I did get 18 and enjoyed taking a few to A.'s teachers today.

Happy Halloween! My grim reaper and penguin are excited for their school parades. Everyone asks if O. is going to be a princess, and then I give a little awkward laugh and tell them she is going to be the grim reaper. Her costume is a really good, creepy one, too.