Bring the Garden in Friday with Spiced Pecans

Happy November to you all! Things sure have changed in our area.

Last weekend, in addition to trick-or-treating, we started the leaf raking, or should I say, Husband did, while I looked out the window. Of course, I was indoors baking to fortify his energy for that strenuous yard work!

I began bringing in some container plants this week, only the ones I really hope to save. They included my bay leaf, scented geranium, and one flowering geranium. I may try for a couple more, but I am neglectful with house plants. Maybe this year, with this column to motivate me, I can hold myself accountable to their well-being.

Do you have container plants you bring indoors for the Winter? Let me know what you bring in and how successful you are. Maybe we can remind each other to water them or not water them too much, as is often the case.

Knowing rain was coming later in the week, I got out in the sunshine one day to do some maintenance and harvesting. I harvested the remaining eggplant and then pulled up my two plants. I also got an armful of small, green bell peppers, a few jalapeno and cayenne. My cherry tomatoes are still coming in, and every few days I pick a bunch. My basil is turning brown rapidly, but if we wanted some for cooking this weekend, there's enough to work with.

Yesterday, I went out in the rain to pick rosemary and thyme for these spicy, herb pecans. It was the perfect day to roast nuts, with the raw chill outdoors. Inside it was all sweet and heat, with the aroma of herbs bringing in the Autumn air.

I left the container of pecans open for Husband to sample when he came home. Are they for Thanksgiving, he asked, or did you just feel like making them? Given that we have yet to make our holiday plans, I was surprised he asked that, but maybe these flavors just made him think of that time of year.

The truth is I made them to share here with you.