HBinFive November 15th Bread Braid Part II

I am here today, as promised, with the second part of our assignment. I made Fruit-Filled Pinwheels with my ABinFive Brioche dough.

This was a cheerful task, these pastries being so pretty and whimsical. I can almost see them spinning! I am not really a pastry person, so making these pinwheels delighted me, much the way our crescents did back in the Spring.

These were easy, both on the mind and the spirit. I made them while cooking dinner, albeit a simple one. We needed to think light because O. got bottom braces yesterday, 8 of them, and I wanted to make something that she could eat.

She did alright this morning. We cut one in half, and with a fork, over the course of about 30 minutes, she managed to slowly make her way through a pinwheel! Thumbs up from all of us on this end. I felt like I was eating a bakery-made Danish, but better. Oh, and I used this strawberry jam.