Dear S:
It was one year ago today that you were nice enough to let O. and her Dad visit me. It was one year ago today that you were nice enough to let them take me to what is now my forever home.
Today we are celebrating my 'birthday' and my owners believe I am now three! :) They gave me a present that is okay and then there was a doggie birthday cake! Yum!
Let me tell you about my life now.
My owners got me an invisible fence last Spring, so now I can go outside every day by myself (when they are home) and have a really good time and get lots of exercise. The cat next door really bugs me, so my owners let me out to chase the cat off our yard. Sometimes I sleep on the back steps outside in a patch of sunshine. When I want to come in, I scratch at the back door.
They still take me for walks in the neighborhood each day and I enjoy them too. I have lots of doggie friends. Their names are Lulu, Toby, Juno, Barkley (who lives with that darn cat), and Wally. I hope some might visit today on my birthday.
My owners' mail is so delicious, and packages are even better. Also, I guard the house from the evil UPS and Fedex folks.
I have a nice comfy bed, but sometimes I sleep on the nicest couch and get it messy.
They gave me the middle name "Trouble" because I get into it sometimes. Other middles names include "Cute," "Weird" and "Gross."
This summer I played with toads I found in the garden until they stopped moving. Also, the bees and mosquitos were delicious.
My mommy gives me lovies a lot. Sometimes when she wants to sleep late I come running into the bedroom and jump on the bed and lick her face. This makes her laugh.

Oh, I have to go -- there's a leaf outside that's moving! Gotta get it!!