HBinFive February 1st Bread Braid

I didn't go gluten-free this assignment, but I did make a boule and a bread with cheddar and sesame. I like to find a way to follow some aspect of the theme.

I didn't photograph my boule for you because it is from the master recipe, which we all made way back when. However, I experimented, which I said I might do. I added 2 tablespoons of canola oil and 2 tablespoons of honey to a full batch of the master dough.

The bread rose and all was well in the universe. I think these additions gave the loaf a little more flavor. It wasn't sweet at all, but instead there was no longer that nagging voice in my head that always says, "this still needs more salt." The blandness was gone.

I'm sure a little oil and honey are not suitable for all the HBinFive recipes, but they seemed appropriate for the master dough.

My other loaf was this rather large braided Sesame Cheddar Bread (Betsy Oppenneer's Sesame Cheddar Bread). When I made this I wasn't the slightest bit phased by the fact that the directions were to make this into one braided loaf! When I had to wrestle it out of the oven, however, because it grew beyond the baking sheet and stuck to the stone, I suddenly focused on the fact that this was 6 cups of flour turned into one loaf of bread!

At this size, it might be a nice addition to a party. Otherwise, you might want to make two loaves!

This is a light bread with a sesame crunch. Even though I used 3 cups of grated sharp cheddar, the cheese flavor was pretty subtle. I'm learning a lot from this King Arthur Flour Cookbook. It was another great Christmas gift. I didn't find the recipe on their site to link you to, but perhaps you already have this book in your collection.