We Went Anyway

Every year we vacation in Cape May. For a number of years now it's always been the last two weeks of June. This year, it was a month after Aaron's passing. We questioned still going, but decided that not only was it all planned, but for Olivia's sake, we should go.

It was the same house we'd be staying at, and we could remember Aaron there. We had the idea to invite some friends for part of the time so we wouldn't feel so alone after all the support we'd been receiving at home.

Cape May didn't disappoint, and all our favorite things came through for us, and even some new ones. It turned out to be calming and reassuring in its familiarity. Welcoming, as the places that make you feel really good, are.

I didn't take any photos this trip. It just didn't feel right. So, I tried to make these little collages for you.

Here's our list of Cape May favorites.

1. Poverty Beach. It's where we always go. Easy parking, no meters, clean bathrooms, and a little less crowded than the main beaches.
2. Duckies. Produce, fresh bread, mozzarella, pies.
3. Lobster House. Where we buy fish to cook at the house.
4. Uncle Charley's. Ice cream at the end of the Mall.
5. The Blue Pig. At Congress Hall. Our favorite for outdoor dinners, lunches, too.
6. Harpoon Henry's. Bar-food overlooking the bay. Family-friendly. Go for a walk on the beach after dinner.
7. The whale's Tale. Great kid's toys and books. Also, jewelery, cards, gift items.
8. Madame's Port. Gifts, wind chimes, jewelery, items for the home.
9. Wanderlust. Beach decor for the home.
10. "The Dog Park". On Lafayette Street. Where Harry plays after dinner.
11. Hawk Haven Winery. Sangria Sunday or anytime.
12. West End Garage. Local art, ceramics, jewelery.
13. Cocomos. Miniature golf and ice cream afterward.
14. The rabbits. Morning and early evening they are often out in the neighbor's yard, and probably everyone's yard. I used to always tell Aaron when I saw them.

New to us because we could and needed to make things a little different.

1. Kayak rentals. What I wanted to do for my birthday.
2. The Cove. The beach at the other end.
3. Rowe House Tile. I bought a wall hanging.
4. The Lighthouse.
5. The Cape May Bird Observatory. A great resource.
6. Lake Lily. Cape May Point. A good place to watch birds.
7. Picnic dinner on the beach (remember to go bayside, woops!)
8. Shopping on the Washington Street Mall until 10pm with an 11 year old.
9. Inviting good friends to stay with you for a few days.
10. If you're 11, inviting your best friend to stay with you for a few days.