Off with My Camera

For the past five weeks I've been absorbed with an online photography class. I've been in the land of images rather than words, which is a welcome change for me.

As photography students, we logged in from all over the world. We brought varying levels of experience and all types of cameras. Some of us were new to Flickr, some were bloggers. Each week we were allowed to share up to six photographs with our classmates reflecting the lesson theme.

I learned a few things about myself along the way. I learned that I love the early morning light. I noticed that I am more comfortable photographing cats and dogs than humans (other than Olivia), and that I seem to have a thing for chairs!

One of our weekly assignments was to go out for walks at different times of day and experiment with the lighting conditions. The first time I did this I fiddled with my lens cap and looked very busy anytime someone walked by. I was so nervous being out in public with my camera!

I hope this self-consciousness eases with time. I need to pry myself from my sun-filled kitchen every now and then.

While I will really miss logging in to class daily, I am glad to have this space to return to.

One thought that I come away with is that a story doesn't always have to be a tall tale. Nor does it always have to include a new recipe or even a treasured one. The story can begin with a picture or even a ray of light.

I hope I remember that.

The e-course was Photo Meditations. You can find the button on my sidebar.