There are no doubts about it, for me a knitting project is all about the process. When I'm nearly done, my interest starts to wane. I slow down and have to fight the urge to put it aside and begin something else.

The thrill is in choosing the yarn, holding colors up to the light, finding the right weight.

There's just enough decision-making to be challenging. Did I make the right yarn choice? Did I spend too much? Is this project going to be too hard?

I even enjoy making a gauge swatch; I compare it to doing a sketch. I used to give Olivia my swatches for her dolls and stuffies, and occasionally, I use them for coasters or bookmarks.

When I finished this sweater, actually completing it in the season when it can be worn, I proudly purchased buttons. Beautiful buttons worthy of being sewn on promptly.

But what did I do? I forced myself to sew on two of the five, and then I let the sweater sit for three weeks. Why, when I could have been wearing it? A few steps away from the finish line, and I was done as far as I was concerned, except for the fact that I had an unwearable sweater and three stunning buttons sitting in a little plastic bag.

I pushed myself by making the sweater the subject of this blog post. One morning I sat at my sunny kitchen table and in no time got those three buttons sewn on. I wondered why I had procrastinated so.

I marveled at the yarn all over again. I remember when I chose it, I saw it as light blue, with a greyish hint. Then one day I was knitting in bright daylight, and all of a sudden I saw the flecks in the tweed: mauve, cream, turquoise, royal blue, grey. I was astonished. How did I not see those colors in the store?

As I was photographing this sweater, I decided to claim this color scheme for a little while. I like to immerse myself in certain colors for a period of time, crafting, make clothing choices, sometimes choosing little purchases for the kitchen.

Maybe I finally learned that inspiration comes at the end of a project, too, and without intention, it has given me a direction for other creative outlets.

Currently, I'm about three inches away from finishing a scarf in a different blue. I could knock that off this weekend if I really want to.