She Knows My Look

My first-ever pair of Converse arrived yesterday. They are not my first choice of color, nor even my second.

They are a Jolly-Rancher watermelon lollipop pink. They looked more rosey-pink online.

I took them out of the box to try on, showing Olivia. "They don't look like you," she said, in a way that only an eleven year old girl can. "You'd look good in a light blue pair."

The funny thing is that the light blue (or should I say the Seasonal Aqua) was my first choice. I could not find my size in that color available anywhere.

How did she know? I don't even feel like I have a look. I think I'm pretty disorganized in that way.

As I tried to convince myself that pink sneakers might work just fine for me, she said, "Yeah, if you wear those, you'll really POP!" I countered, well, you know, in the Spring or Summer, with white pants or shorts...

She just looked at me with eyes that said, "POP!"

As fate would have it, these Converse are too small. Maybe I'll have a chance at finding the blue and my look after all.