The BLT List

Months ago I tucked a new page onto this blog.  I was quiet about it because I had no photo to accompany it.  Now, there is one, and so I announce Olivia's BLT List. You can find the link permanently in the sidebar.

It's getting to be that season of being out and about, traveling and good tomatoes.  So, if a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich is calling out to you in the Philadelphia and Jersey Shore areas, you might want to refer to this handy list as your guide.

We'll let you know when the list gets updated.  If you've got a favorite BLT someplace, tell us about it, and if you use Olivia's reviews, give us your opinion.

You may direct your comments to Olivia directly, and I will make sure she sees them.  All the reviews are in her words.  I just provided the details!