The Rains are Here

I spent a lot of time outdoors this week in anticipation of real April weather coming.  I went into some sort of storm-alert mode, clipping flowers at the slightest hint of bloom, planting all my already-late cool weather vegetables, and snipping an armful of volunteer cilantro.  Michael got the overgrown yard cut yesterday morning.

The dogs were taken for several hikes and having finished dinner early one evening, I ran out for 30 minutes of sunset photographing.

It looks like we're going to be indoors mostly for a long stretch, which brings a change of focus.  I'll be planning my next planting phase.  I'm getting so many new ideas from my challenge.

I'll be baking more whole grain and half-and-half loaves from Peter Reinhart this week, and maybe starting to bring back a little butter (yikes!).  This weekend I made the most basic of whole wheat muffins, which were so welcome after more than two months of not having any baked goods.

I plan to implement some more ideas from An Everlasting Meal.  This past week I focused on the How To Stride Ahead chapter, and I roasted carrots, beets and sweet potatoes, marinated some goat cheese in olive oil and herbs, and planned out using a dozen eggs by poaching, hard-boiling and baking them.

By Saturday I said that I thought we should go out for dinner because I wanted to save the rest of our vegetables for a dinner with friends this evening.

I downloaded the first chapter of Ripe to read one evening.  I think I went to sleep with a smile on my face, thinking of all the garden spots I might be able to tuck in a fruit tree or berry bush.  I really would like to have this book and read it all.

Stay dry this week and I hope you find some inspiration indoors.