Five Times a Week

Mr. Savory came upon a blogging challenge that some writers are doing for the month of May, and thinking I might be interested, he passed the link on to me.

Trying to give myself a few quiet, reflective weeks, I thought this is exactly what I don't need to spend time looking at right now.  After ignoring his email for ten days, I decided to take a look.

I was inspired by what he found and with some small changes, I am going to give it a try on my own.  The intent is to post five days a week for a month, using the subject prompts as a means to jump start a return to regular blogging.

The writer hosting this challenge intends to cut back to two or three days a week of posting when the challenge is completed. This seems ambitious, yet just about right to me.  Her broad subject prompts are what cinched the acceptance for me. Wanting to post more frequently, I often tend to think too specifically.

So, I'll be here a lot more starting next week, and after a month, I'll see how it makes me feel.  I am excited and relieved to have a bit of a plan!