It's Blue For Me

I thought I'd let you in on a little secret, tell you something about myself.  Shhh!  not too loud, now!

I'm teasing you a bit.  My challenge topic for today is to tell your readers something about yourself.  I am going to, but I've decided to start small.  Nothing that will make me squirm or turn my cheeks bright red. 

We'll build up to that...slowly...over the course of maybe a few hundred posts...

Today, however, what I wanted to share is that my favorite color is blue.  No particular shade of blue, really, I like most. 

I particularly love blue with green because that makes me think of the water and warm, sunny days.  I experienced such a day this past Sunday, which was my birthday.

We went for a day-long outing to Lambertville, New Jersey, and between some browsing and an Italian dinner, we had a walk along the canal.  I found some blue and green as we meandered off the tow path toward the river.

I hope you find your favorite colors this week, and that they work their own magic on you!