The Bittersweet

Today is Olivia's 12th birthday.

She seems to feel that the 12th is a very big birthday!  Last night she said something funny that I don't know if she made up or she heard someplace--perhaps here.

She said I will be able to be divided by 6, 4, 3, 2, and 1!

She got to have a birthday "jeans cut" today at school, meaning no uniform.  She chose a Thai restaurant for dinner tonight, where she will receive her presents from us.  Saturday is her pool party sleepover with her two best friends.  Dinner will be homemade pizza on the grill made by Daddy, and I will make both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing.

All of this is super fun, exciting and cute except for the part where the bittersweet hits deep within me.  I'm that kind of mother and have been since the beginning.

I was so tearful anticipating her first birthday.  She'll no longer be a baby!  (If I only knew then how long children sometimes seem like babies!)

I try hard to join in her enthusiasm of being one year older, knowing I was just just the same.  I stay focused on how much I love her company, and for the time being, how she still seems to enjoy mine.