Digging Deeper

I'm beginning my fourth and final week of posting five times a week.  I say final because I took a challenge and was fairly certain in the beginning that I would not continue this frequency after the four weeks.

It's been an interesting experiment, with some surprises along the way, and some suspicions confirmed.

In the suspicions department, I expected that writing five posts a week would simply be too much.  Too much it is, indeed.  I am a slow writer, and I go over everything many times.  Once photographs and recipes are involved, I'm running out of time.  Last night (Sunday), I did my fifth post for the week at 10:00pm.  I was nearly delirious after Olivia's birthday party weekend.  I woke up this morning thinking about how I might have done more with that post if I hadn't been so tired...

I do think there is something to be gained from pushing yourself to that point of discomfort.  New ideas can come from that resistance. It has forced me to sometimes forfeit a time-consuming idea (like making flatbread), and on the fly replace it with one that doesn't involve craft (like writing about travel guide books).  Both fit into the category of "what's inspiring me."

I went into this challenge with an open mind as far as the daily broad topics go.  I liked the idea from the beginning, but I still wasn't sure how I would feel once I really got into it.  Mostly, I feel like I'm excavating.  Digging down deeper to find what I really like to write about.

Maybe the biggest surprise of all is the fact that I feel like I am still exploring.  Perhaps that means my focus is changing.   I imagine that this is inevitable given the past year.

Assuming I make it through my five posts this week, my plan is to ease down to four posts.  If I still find that to be too much, I may...