Eat Shop Walk

I'm on a bit of a roll, so inspired by my City of Brotherly Love.

After telling you about the Philadelphia Food Movement, I reached for this guide as my pool reading this weekend.  It was a birthday gift this year (May), and this weekend was the first opportunity I've had to sit down with a book.

It's fun to read a travel guide about the city you live in; it feels a little like being on holiday.

The guides focus on small, independently owned businesses.  These restaurant and shop owners have their eye on craft, whether that is cheese, elegant meals, stationary, jewelery or furniture.

There are also digital editions of the Eat.Shop series and a number of major cities are covered.  

I want to tuck this little book in my bag, and head out to eat and shop in my own Town!

City Walks:  Philadelphia is a little box of 50 sturdy maps, each covering a walk in a neighborhood, highlighting anything historic of note, along with interesting shops and restaurants.  Olivia and Mr. Savory gave me this for Mother's Day.  This, too, is a series, so if you're planning some traveling or simply want to explore where you live more fully, you might want want to take a look for these guides.