Father's Day Crepes

Mr. Savory requested crepes for Father's Day breakfast. Since he's the pancake and waffle maker in our family, he thought he'd give me a new breakfast domain beyond scones and muffins.  It was also a little nudge to use the crepe pan he gave me for Christmas a couple years ago.

I chose the Light, Simple Crepe recipe from Mark Bittman, and with Olivia's help, we managed to make eleven cinnamon sugar crepes.  This breakfast recipe specifically calls to leave the crepes flat, and after sprinkling them with cinnamon sugar to pass them under the broiler for a minute.  (This was the part Olivia did).

We devoured them all with a strawberry sauce from the farmer's market and powdered sugar for Olivia.

I have to say my interest is piqued now, and I am eager to work on perfecting my technique (that may take until next Father's day!)