Getting Out The Door

We're leaving for vacation in a few days for two blissful weeks at the beach. Packing is almost an afterthought. I bring the same sorts of clothes every year.

I spend more time worrying about my choice of books and magazines. The bookstore in our shore town closed during the year. I feel almost panicked; I am going to a town with no bookstore!

Truth be told, however, my thoughts are on my garden. Everything is running about two to three weeks early this year. I'm already picking blueberries, tomatoes are forming, snow peas are coming in abundance.  Do I have time to try making lavender sugar?

I'm debating about pulling up all my turnips and salad greens, and planting more.  They will have gone to seed by the time we get back. I want to cut the last two rosebuds on my tea rose. I can't just leave them there, they are "Aaron's roses".

This morning I looked at all the weedy areas and gulped. They'll be waiting for me, fuller than ever, when I return.

Now is the time when I get angry with myself for not having everything more maintained.  What was I doing all Spring?

It's hard to leave a garden behind at this time of year.  It feels a little like getting everything ready to go out for the evening, leaving your children behind with a babysitter.   You have a good time once you get out of the house, but until then, it doesn't feel worth it.