Living Outdoors

We've had quite a few outdoor adventures this week, Olivia and I.  It's been a little too cool for swimming, but it's been perfect for hiking and garden touring. We've been spending most of our days outdoors, which makes me feel good no matter how tired I am. 

We spent one afternoon at the Morris Arboretum, climbing trees (Olivia), looking at flowers (me), and sitting in the Adirondack chairs on exhibit (both of us).

Another afternoon we had a picnic lunch and walked around the grounds of Chanticleer

Chanticleer is rather magical, and there are many different types of gardens on the estate.  This last photo is the "dining room" in the ruins of the son's home, which his parents built for him when he married.  My photo shows a mirror above the mantel.  Below it is the fireplace.  Growing around the mirror are succulents and other plants. 

It's going to be hot later this week, and we'll be heading to the pool and tending to our own garden.