This morning over breakfast, I thought I'd ask Mr. Savory his thoughts so far on writing during vacation.  He had been frustrated 24 hours earlier, but I knew he had worked through it.  I wanted to know if he was regretting keeping up with his writing goals while here.

He said that he had skipped writing two days ago, and although he had brought his work to the beach yesterday, he had had no expectations of getting anything done.

The opposite proved to be true, and he actually worked through a portion of his plotting yesterday with his feet in the sand and the waves roaring in his ears.

I asked him if he felt the writing was detracting from his vacation time, and he said no, other than the anxiety when things weren't going well.  He said if he didn't force himself to put in the time and instead just waited for the ideas to come to him, nothing would get done.

So, all good news from Mr. Savory on the novel writing front.  Personally, I think keeping expectations at bay is key, and I'm not fully surprised that he figured out a plot advancement when he thought it would be another day of getting nothing done.