We Have A Lot In Common

I find it interesting sometimes to read about blogging from outside my corner of the blogosphere.

Mr. savory sent me a link to the blogging and social media sub-forum of a writer's forum he has joined. He warned me that you can get lost in the pages and pages of discussion topics, so I didn't spend more than about 30 minutes poking about various threads. Most of the bloggers seem to be fiction writers, but I didn't go deep enough to say that for certain. What strikes me is how much  a fiction writing blogger may actually have in common with a food or parenting blogger.

The same concerns of posting frequency, value of social networking, importance of photos and illustrations, and copyright, to give a few examples, are shared.

There is even a section where you can ask for reviews of your blog (scary!)

Among the discussions I read, most authors felt that "consistency is more important than frequency" in regards to posting. In other words, posting on regularly scheduled days of the week is more significant than the number of times a week you post. That way your readers know when to expect new material.

Bloggers meet this schedule by planning ahead (something I have yet managed to do!). For instance, some draft their next week's post on the weekend, so they have less to do during the week. Others simply write ahead, creating a savings account of posts, so they can slot posts in where they seem to fit best.

Quality over quantity is a priority to all. Facebook and Twitter are considered essential to bringing in traffic, but not more important than creating quality content.

Anyone can read the discussions on the forum, but you have to join to be able to post a thread or comment. I think I'll pop in every now and then to peruse the topics, but most of the bloggers I follow are so generous sharing what they have learned, that I feel I'm in pretty good hands.