Writing With Sunburned Feet

Hearth Arts is posting live from a cute little beach house in Cape May!  We had a beautiful beach day yesterday, with the three of us all in the water together at one point.

Last evening I took myself for a pre-sunset walk, meandering through little streets. I realized in that one walk I returned with images of the run-down, the Victorian, the charming and the colorful.  This is part of why Cape May never bores me.

This morning we have thunderstorms, and it is giving me the opportunity to sit down at our dining table and be here.  Being here is really the topic for today: writing and blogging while on vacation. 

I'm not alone in this; Mr. Savory is presently sitting on the couch with his laptop, getting in his writing hour.  We talked about how we would manage, keeping up with our goals while away.  Mostly, I look forward to seeing things from a different landscape and sharing what I find with you.

I don't know if continuing here for the next two weeks is taking away from my vacation or enhancing it in some way.  I do know one thing, Cape May never steers me wrong.  If I let what I see and feel here creep into these posts, that can only strengthen me. 

It is empowering to feel that the writing is inside me, and it can be taken anywhere.  It's not rooted to my kitchen chair, at my spot at the table, in our Philadelphia home.