Salad Fanatic

Do you happen to know any salad fanatics?  Do you have one in your life perhaps?

Among behavior and habits to watch for include bringing salad to the beach or pool for lunch while other family members and friends pack sandwiches.  Worry over running out of celery to chop up for the salad lunch tub even in Summer when crunchy vegetable choices abound from the farmer's market and their own gardens.  Saying that eating anything heavier than salad at lunchtime makes then feel gross.

 Do they show other signs of packing produce into their regimine such lining up their lunch and snack-time fruit on their office desk?

Perhaps they cause you to smirk while they enjoy a few treats during the week, such as brownies, cookies or cake, and due to their salad munching and dedicated exercise habits they march steadily towards their weight-loss goal. By contrast, you wrap up another peanut butter and honey sandwich for a pool-side lunch, and count walking your dogs in the neighborhood, as they stop to sniff every two seconds, daily exercise.

A Philadelphia Reference With Figure Of Former Mayor and Govenor, Ed Rendell

I marvel at my salad-eating, beach-goer, Mr. Savory!  I can barely grow enough greens to keep him flush in his leafy habit.  He fills his size-able container, layering the edibles as he chops:  bell peppers, carrots, radishes, turnips, tomatoes, and yes, celery...the Dole variety slipped into the plastic bag...Odds and ends from dinner sit like jewels on the top:  chunks of leftover fish or chicken, cooked grains.  The other day at the pool, he purchased chicken fingers from the snack bar, cut them up, and added them to the salad he made at home--you know, to round it out.

Adding a little something different daily remains key to staving off boredom.  A few olives, capers, nuts, raisins, anchovies bring a spark to that otherwise endless tub of herbaceous-ness.  Not too much dressing, a couple tablespoons sight measured, keeps the mix flavorful and crisp.

The biggest surprise the Salad Fanatic has experienced?  He now craves salads for lunch.  If he skips a day, his enthusiasm abounds for it the following lunchtime.  How about that celery?