Thoughts On Being Social

I have something to admit to you. Something I slink away from that as a blogger I know I shouldn't.

I am not on Facebook or Twitter.

Does that shock you? Are you going to tell me that I really should be? Perhaps you're simply speechless.

I've been reading a lot about blogging recently, and this writer offers some tips.  It's not just this author and blogger, however, most places I go to learn more deem the use of social media as essential for building an audience.

At first, Facebook and Twitter seemed to me like more distraction from creative pursuits, namely writing. I do have a Twitter account that I set up so I could be on Pinterest. I'm not sure if that counts. I think Pinterest if fun, but I haven't done much with it in the past year because it's an incredible time guzzler, too.

What's Facebook?*

I swear I'm not anti-social and ultra-serious. It's just that in my down-time, I'd rather be knitting, reading, baking, gardening, or spending time with my family.

The real problem for me, though, is using social media for the purpose of self-promotion. I'm really a very shy person, and the idea of calling attention to myself in that way is contrary to my nature. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

I suppose if I stopped viewing it as promoting myself, and instead thought of it as an opportunity to promote Hearth Arts, that shift in perspective might help me. If I thought of it as making connections, and being part of a larger conversation, it might lighten my apprehension and seem more meaningful.

When we return home next week, this will be a subject for me to explore and find my comfort zone within.

I'd love to know your thoughts. Truly, I would.

*We found Charlie on the couch yesterday morning, and we couldn't resist putting a pillow under his head and spreading a cover over him!