When You Write, Just Write

You can't create and react at the same time.  You can do one or the other.  This bit of writing advice comes from the author, Jeff Goins, who I have been reading for the past few weeks, and today I keep turning this observation over and over.

The point being that when you write or do any sort of creating, you need to be focused and to bring your whole self to the task.  This means no checking email, blog stats, Twitter, or any other distraction that may easily lure you away from your writing time.  In short, no multitasking during your writing session, just write.

I think about how going out to photograph by myself yields very different results than when I bring my camera along on a family outing.  In company, I worry my hanging back delays everyone.  Recently, I have been attempting to capture a Summer dinner as I place it on the table, wanting so badly to seize the colors, and what I end up with is a poorly composed snapshot, while Olivia and Michael wait pensively to eat our meal.
I think I may go back to photographing baked goods in the mornings when my time and space belong to myself!

Multitasking while involved in any creative endeavor makes me feel tired and fragmented.  When I have put in my writing time, shut off my laptop or close my notebook, and turn my attention to the next task, I feel more accomplished and satisfied.

You Are A Writer by Jeff Goins offers insightful suggestions on developing productive writing habits, establishing a blog, and using technology and social media to your advantage to create community and long-term relationships that foster your creative life.