Summer's Light

All Summer I have been inspired by that last hour of light before sunset.  I have loved my evening photography walks and will miss them as that hour falls now at dinnertime.  Sooner than I would like, it will encroach on the even busier time of day when dinner needs preparing and my desire to hear the tales of Olivia's school day take priority.

I might squeeze in a sunset walk now and then if Mr. Savory makes dinner on the weekend.  In a couple months, I will likely switch my photography outings to the hour after sunrise, and I expect to fall in love with that hour again as I did last Winter and Spring.

I hope you enjoy these photos and the glorious light found in these last few weeks of Summer.

Out For A Neighborhood Walk At Sunset

Cape May Doorway At Sunset

View From Our Cape May Patio At Sunset

Out For A Sunset Walk At Cape May Bird Sanctuary