Waiting at Night Market

We joined the throngs at the Night Market in Mt. Airy last evening.  More food trucks this year, thank goodness, double apparently, and while lines often made for a 30 minute wait, vendors didn't seem to be running out of food like last year.

I said I wasn't going to hesitate this time; I would find what I wanted to eat right away, meander and browse after.  We walked up to the Avenue, Nomad Pizza stood at the corner with hardly a line at all, and what did I say?  Oh, let's just walk down this direction a little and scope it out... 

My personality, my downfall.

Michael and Olivia found what they wanted fairly quickly.  While they waited for sandwiches I bought sangria and the best fries in the world.  We walked back up the Avenue to Nomad and the line had grown.  My chances gone.

We walked some more...the situation became irritating, so with lines everywhere, we walked back down and I said, "say cheese, please" and I, too, had dinner.

We sat on the curb and people watched while eating fries and grilled cheese.  The thimbleful sangria's were long gone and Michael and I shared a beer. 

We saw neighbors and teachers and friends.  The night was perfect.  50 food trucks, thousands of hungry people, live music, and well, lines.