Charlie, Sit, Down

This week, let's stay aware to
and take notice of
the people, places, and times
that add a little sparkle to our day.

from 52 Photos Project

Charlie may be a black dog, and I know this photo is dark, but this pup has a twinkle of love and mischief in his eye that gets me every time he looks at me.  Can you see those pearly white little teeth as he smiles? We're about to celebrate one whole year of having him, and if you'd like, you can read about the day we won him.

I took this photo on Tuesday in anticipation of our class that evening.  Charlie and I have started school.  If the stars align, we're going to learn to be obedient.

Both of us are being trained, but only one of us was motivated to accept three sticks of Pup-Peroni for responding to our name, for sitting when commanded to do so, and for lying down.

It's hard work, but our sights are set on graduation in seven weeks when Charlie receives his diploma.  He doesn't know it yet, but I have high hopes of making him a therapy dog.

This class is the first step in that direction, and I think we have some progress to make before he could go into a school, lie down next to a student and be read to.  Right now he's more likely to be in that child's lap, licking their face and putting his paws on their shoulders.  If it was a girl with a pony tail, he'd be biting it like he does with Olivia.

Here's our homework for week one:  Charlie! Sit! Down!