Elements and Ingredients

We Paint, We Cook, We Sew,
We Knit, We Photograph,

We Make.
We Create.

But where do we start?
What elements or ingredients 
do you gather together to begin?
(from 52 Photos Project, week 19)
We took a short trip this week in the Hudson River Valley, and it was there that I responded to this prompt.
I am an ingredient driven cook and baker, and what I gather from my garden and farmer's market is nearly always my starting point.  It's rather telling that the first photos I took while on our trip were during a walk through the pear orchard at a winery we visited! 

What moves me to pick up my camera is the sunlight.  The glow early morning or near sunset can send me running out the door.   Patterns sunlight creates as it falls across objects catch my eye immediately.  

I took this picture in the bathroom at our B & B around 8:15 a.m. before heading down for breakfast.