The Finish Line

Mr. Savory did it!  He completed writing 50,000 words of his novel during the month of August (and while on a short vacation, no less). Four of his six cabin mates finished as well, so cheers to them, too. 

He told me and others on a writer's forum, "I finished the month with about 40% of a first draft written, writing at least two hours a day.  No planning, no researching, no outlining, just cranking out chapters.  And the characters took off on their own, refusing to listen to my outline (which I think is a good thing."

He feels camp proved to be a great thing for him, "even if, on some days I hated it."  He still feels invigorated about his book and is excited about pushing on.

"So much work lies ahead.  I am now going to step back and work on things that became apparent during August: more fleshed-out character backgrounds, more detailed backstory of the world, and a revised outline for the characters to further ignore."