Garden Party

I will invite New Girl back to my garden next summer.  She was a good producer.  These are the last of her fruit for the season, as yesterday I pulled her up.

She may invite herself back, however, as seems many of my plants do.  Yellow Pear tomatoes, Brandywine, celosia, cilantro and watermelon all decided my garden was a good spot to hang, and planted themselves this year.  It's not a recipe for a tidy garden to let unknowns sprout and trail this way and that and down stone walls, but the surprises do provide a bit of fun.

My zinnia's are quite obedient, however, and only come up where I have planted them that season. They have kept my vases full since July, and they provide relative order to my reluctant open-house garden party.

Hearing my complaints, my friend N. said, "you can pull things up."  Saying no to another bud to water has never been my strong suit.