Dear Orange,

Now that your Season is upon us, I feel we ought to have a word or two.  Clear the air so to speak.

You know I love your taste and the feel of your warmth on my skin, but I don't particularly want to wear you or have you adorn my home. 

You represent the harvest and Halloween, and I respect you for that. 

I appreciate your glow in a darkened room, and the burst of brightness you add to a dull block.  You're a showstopper around sunset, and I eagerly seek you out at that hour.

However, like your cousin, red, we will never be really close.  I'm a blue and green girl when it comes to dressing up and making my space comfortable.  Our friendship is a casual one; you have others to rely on for something more intimate.

I do hope you have a glorious season.

With Best Wishes,