A Thanksgiving List

We have a good stretch of days before us beginning tomorrow.  We have little in the way of plans, nor are we hosting.  In light of this nearly blank slate, I have created a Thanksgiving Holiday list.

Catch up on my sleep
Bake bread
Make an apple pie
Eat Mr. Savory's cornbread stuffing
Hike with Harry and Charlie
Have mother/daughter/canine movie night while Mr. Savory attends High School Reunion
Catch up on Larry's shows
Do yoga 
Take Harry and Charlie on long walks
Photograph my heart out
Make pizza
Try making homemade mozzarella for the pizza
Play board games
Go into Town and walk, eat, shop
Garden and do yard work
Do a stamping project
Make Holiday crafting/cookie list
Train Charlie
Lament that I need at least three more Thanksgiving holidays to complete this list