The Skies Above

I stayed close to home this week, looking up through the trees from our valley.  I'd wished I was perched atop a mountain or standing on a shore.  In lieu of capturing the big open sky, I walked in my yard at sunset and twilight, and I found the near-winter sky in various shades of blue.

Funny how our cameras nudge us to grab our parkas, call our dogs, and head out in near darkness, when we would normally at that hour never leave the warmth of our cozy kitchens.

These prompts challenge me to look further, deeper.  To go out at times when I would by habit be in.  To try capturing in situations I would otherwise find unsuitable.

Even if I'm still learning and fumbling, I know I am thinking and seeing differently.  Recently, it has been after submitting my finds, that I have relaxed and considered trying that candlelit scene again, how it might not truly be so hard after all.  And just last evening, my sky photos chosen, I walked across to my neighbor's house to help Olivia feed their cat, and looking out from their hill, I noticed how much more sky could be seen from their front yard.

Right across the street offered a completely different view of the heavens.