Rainy Day Sunshine

Today was the kind of wet, raw day when even the dogs want to stay inside.  They stand at the kitchen door looking out, and when I open it for them, they sniff and turn back to the warmth for another nap.

Waking to yet another day of rain was disheartening.  I felt unfocused and unproductive; no particular thoughts seemed to stick around long enough to accumulate to anything definitive.  After lunch I drove off on an errand, and only then did it occur to me how I could have helped myself.

I should have done something with my hands to get the ideas flowing.   It usually works, but today I couldn't seem to remember that practice.

Rainy Day Productivity Tips

Make a fire, pull up a comfy chair, and knit for a while
Clear out your pantry and take advantage of the extra co-op membership discount and re-stock
Collect images and make a Pin board for a home project
Write a letter to an out-of-town friend
Bake something that will make your house smell like cinnamon
Tidy a room in your house

If you can motivate yourself, find an errand to do that will take you to a store filled with Spring clothing and accessories in cheerful blues, greens, yellows and oranges.  Gaze upon the mannequins clad in aqua dresses as if they are sunlight.  You may feel refreshed enough to sensibly head yourself to the sale section and buy a more immediately useful black, cashmere cardigan that a hundred times over you have wished you had in your wardrobe.

That's just what I did, and while that cardigan, despite being cashmere, is certainly nothing fancy or fine, I may thank this dreary January day often when such a sweater is exactly what's needed.