January In The Kitchen: Bread, Cheese And Jam

I decided this year that I want to focus on a few food crafts that compliment each other, in hopes that when the need arises I am able to present a substantial gift. 

Sometimes the offering of a homemade loaf of bread is just odd and lacking, whereas a basket of bread, homemade goat cheese and a jam might sound the right note.  It depends on the occasion and the recipient. 

Bread baking is pretty routine for me by now.  Cheese making is a relative newcomer, and I think I've got the Chevre down. (This is toasted Finnish Rye bread with my Chevre and a dark honey).

Canning, however, is a craft I practiced years ago, and am now trying again.  This is a Honey Lemon Apple Jam from Food in Jars.  I appreciate the small batch production aspect to this book, especially as I am reacquainting myself with preserving. 

I thought I'd share my January efforts with you.  I'm thinking about a grapefruit jam for February and attempting mozzarella for the fourth time, determined as I am to figure out why it's not working for me.