Harry and Charlie Wag The Wissahickon: Hike One

The pups and I are starting a new adventure together.  We are planning on hiking all the major trails of the Wissahickon.

I thought of the idea as a project for the new year, but the cold and mud have kept us on sidewalks around the neighborhood.   Like most of you, we are ready to be out, and the sunshine alone was enough reason to declare yesterday's hike our first towards our goal.

There will be lots of blurry photos.  They will not stay still!

I picked our most familiar hike as a starting point, so it was more of a grab the boots and go sort of affair.  Upcoming outings will require more planning.

I think the desire to do this comes from a shared joy of being out in the woods.  Harry and Charlie are beyond excited when they see me put on my boots.  They are as cute as can be on the trail, running side by side.  They watch out for each other and for me, turning to wait for me if I fall behind.

We've become creatures of habit, always taking the same few trails, so I thought it was time we explore what is further north and south, and what the view looks like from the other side of the creek.

Our destination: the covered bridge

I hope you will enjoy sharing our adventure with us and perhaps feel inspired to find a trail near you.

Facts about Hike #1

Trail:  Orange
Route: Valley Green to covered bridge and return
Miles: 3.0 (approx.)
Number of dogs we greeted: 0
Number of humans we greeted: 3
What Harry & Charlie ate and drank on the trail:  Leaves and sticks.
What Clarice ate and drank on trail:  Nothing.
Harry and Charlie's most exciting moment:  Realizing we were going on a hike.
Trouble: Thankfully none.