Harry And Charlie Wag The Wissahickon: Hike Two

Our second hike was a full family outing, with Olivia and Michael joining us.  If you look at the tree on the right, you'll see our starting point was the lavender trail.  This is a very popular trail with dog owners.

Charlie had a swim, but Harry wouldn't go in the cold water.

Our destination was a trail's northern end, accessed by a bridge along a busy road. Harry and Charlie posed for me to mark our arrival, before we turned back.

It's good to know there's a spot for lost items such as keys and dog tags.  Maybe my missing earring from our last hike is hanging somewhere.

Facts About Hike #2

Trail:  Lavender and Orange
Route:  Started on the Lavender trail at the gate on Crefeld Street, connected with the Orange trail and took it to the northern end, returning and connecting with the other side of the Lavender trail back to the gate.
Miles:  3.5 
Number of dogs we greeted:  31
Number of humans we greeted:  Who could keep count with all those dogs?
What Harry and Charlie ate and drank on the trail:  Gross things and creek water.
What Clarice, Michael and Olivia ate on the trail:  Berry scone, Luna bar, apple, crackers, tap water.
Harry and Charlie's most exciting moment:  Every time they greeted a new dog.
Trouble:  Nothing a good shampooing and brushing couldn't cure.