Heading North

As Spring Break approached and the weather showed no signs of spring-like temperatures, I wondered what I could possibly have been thinking to be bringing our family to the Hudson River Valley in mud season.

Sensible people from Philadelphia were filling their bags with flip flops and had flights booked to regions with palm trees.  We were stuffing our warmest sweaters and thickest socks into our duffles.

I told Olivia we would simply bundle up, bring good attitudes on our hikes and then warm up inside small town shops and local restaurants.

We were so ready to be freezing that we actually weren't cold at all.  Our good attitudes were genuine as we took in the mountain views, explored towns, ate cheese, drank wine and snuggled in our pet-friendly B & B.  An added bonus to traveling against the flow, there were no crowds!

When we returned home, we weren't shivering and reminiscing about feeling the sand in our toes.  It felt like spring and daffodils were blooming in the garden.