My Favorite Place

It's hard to pick just one favorite place.  In the company of Olivia would truly be the one.  Cape May where we have vacationed every summer for twelve years never ceases to win my heart.

Yet, the physical spaces that I reside in daily, my kitchen and it's table, and my garden are the places that nurture me day in and day out.

When the garden is prosperous, it graces our table.  A dinner inspired by what is plentiful on that evening.  Sweet, simple flowers grown from scattered seed adorn.  I photograph the light spilling across them endlessly, grouped by color or variety.

I am easily entertained.

This early April week it is suddenly unseasonably hot.  I ventured out barefoot this morning in the familiar, yet strange oasis.  Such heat by 9:00, 10:00 a.m, like a typical summer's day where I would be out before camp and pool activities.  Yet, the trees have no foliage.  The cherry trees are budding and beginning to bloom.

Weeds are already everywhere!

Just this past weekend did temperatures rise enough to begin planting the cool season crops.  Greens of every variety, as I love them all, radishes, turnips, beets and peas.  Tomorrow the rains will come and sixty degrees will send us shivering, yet knock us back to where daffodils, weeds and trees with tips of green make sense.

This place, within a city's limits, gives me purpose, a place to dig and work things out.  It's my road map to dinner.