By The Stream

Along these trees runs a stream.  The water level was high on Sunday after Friday's full day of rain.  There were sightings of frogs, tadpoles, and snakes.

These trees were my view as I sat reading the latest 3191Q on my blanket during Olivia's birthday pool party.  Six twelve and thirteen year old girls can entertain themselves for long stretches between lunch, presents, and cupcakes.  There was no need for Mr. Savory and me to hover every minute.

This pool is in a park-like setting and nature provides some of the entertainment.  The girls dropped potato chips into the stream and watched their chips "race" each other until we mentioned that this wasn't good for the wildlife!  After heavy rain, sometimes the staff needs to guide frogs out of the pool drains.  

We'll be spending many days here swimming, picnic-ing, reading, resting, and looking for tadpoles.