Ice Cream And Roses

We took this week slow.  No particular plans.  Lots of dodging raindrops and changing clothes.  Rain made the air cool, and I'd suggest we wear jeans, only to regret the choice an hour later.  We'd come home and put on shorts as fast as possible.

We had a great afternoon mid-week starting with our favorite pizza eaten in a local park, while we watched dogs swimming in the pond.  We then spent a couple hours at the Morris Arboretum looking at roses, climbing trees, and doing gymnastics on the grass.

I lost a race to the top of a hill (no surprise there), and as the loser, I had to buy ice cream.  I think I probably would have done that anyway.

I'm glad I chose the kid's size.  I always feel a bit funny about this, as if I'm not allowed, or I need to have a child with me so there is confusion over who is ordering which size.  Olivia had no problem polishing off a single scoop (larger) of chocolate with sprinkles. She was done with the kid's cone years ago!

I hope your week allows you a little ice cream.