Cape May Part One: The Classics

We just returned from two great weeks in Cape May.  This year marked our twelfth summer!  I have many photos to share in the coming weeks, but I thought I'd start off with some classic Cape May shots.

We could see the water tower from our rental house.  It truly is a good way to get your bearings if you lose your sense of direction.  It sits on Madison Avenue, across from a park.

We spent a couple sunsets at The Cove.  The light had just been turned on at the lighthouse when I took this photo.  The lighthouse is located at Cape May State Park, which is at Cape May Point (the very tip of Cape May).

 One year we climbed the lighthouse to the lookout area, which offers terrific views.  Not a big fan of heights, I can't say this was my favorite activity, but Olivia enjoyed the experience!

I came across this inscription (footprints included).  

We rode bikes around town this year.  I rented this pink cruiser.  It felt like a tank, but Cape May is so flat, it seemed just perfect.

That's Olivia in the foreground at The Cove.  The couple to the right asked me to take their photo with their own camera.  I hope at least one shot worked out for them!